Kotah Bears Pet Sitting LTD



When you are at work, vacation, or away for a weekend etc.

We promise to take care of your fur babies in your own home.

Cats, Dogs, Fish, Caged Animals, and some Exotics. We will make sure 100% Tender Loving Care in looking after your fur babies.

Our Company believes in love, respect, dignity, health, and well being of your pet(s).

When it comes to confidentiality, 100% it is a must.

Lots of cuddles, playtime, tons of love, making them feeling happy, cared for, nurtured while you are away.

Your fur babies come first. 

Advantages of keeping your fur babies at home;

Your pets are much happier and go through less stress when at home.

Their routines will stay on schedule when it comes to feeding, walking, or play time.

Less illness is exposed when at home.

Less traveling and trauma for owner and pet(s) feeling scared and nervous when in a new environment.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Dog/Cat Boarding or Kennels;

Some animals do not like being in cages or kennels and some are fine.

Some love going to kennels to play and interact with other animals.

But there are some that do not do well with interaction.

 Some animals feel stressed out, anxiety, scared or nervous. Some are used to their own environment roaming free at home.

Meet and Greets are needed, as I need to meet with you and your animals, one on one at your home, those appointments are free. May last 45 minutes to 1 hr. 

Please check out the rest of our website at the top of this page, as well as a bit about our fur babies and I, but also our testimonials.

Thank you so much for your trust in us, as your pets will be treated as our family, to give the best TLC when you're away.

Look forward to being a pet sitter for your fur babies.

Patches 16 years old
Simba 12 years old
Honey 3 years old
Kiggy 5 months old