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Pet Care Facts Exotics- Wild Animals- Four Different Types of Skunks

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These are all in North America 1. Striped Skunk (largest most common) they have two full body white stripes going down their backs and narrow on their snout(nose) 2. Spotted Skunk Full of many spots and short stripes with white tipped tail Live in Eastern and Western 3. Hog-Nose Skunks Their snout like a pig they have white backs and tails, their sides and bellies are black 4. Hooded Skunks These are long white fur that extend from their back of the neck to tip of tail

Pet Care Facts Exotics- Wild Animals- Three main Types of Squirrels

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1. Tree Squirrels Which includes Eastern Gray Squirrel ( Urban areas), The Fox Squirrel, Douglas Squirrel, American Red Squirrel these all have their big bushy tails 2.Ground Squirrels These are Chipmunks, Marmots, and Prairie dogs 3. Flying Squirrels They glide don't actually fly but they can glide about 150 feet from tree to tree from their extending loose skin this connects to back and front legs.

Pet Care Facts Exotics Wild Animals- Rabbits(Orphaned)

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Here is a fact if you find baby rabbits (Kilts) never touch a nest that when the babies are nestled quietly when they cry there mom will come and feed them. If you touch them then the mother may abandon them as they are sensitive to scents and foreign smells. If you find a Kilts the bed seems disturbed to see if they are orphaned add some leaves to the nest or even sticks or yarn in a tix tac toe pattern watch check in 24 hrs if it looks as mom has not returned then they have been orphaned need to have human assistance.

House hold Products Poisionous to Pets

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How many of you know of some Common Household Products that are poisonous to your pets? Here are a few to know; Acetaminophen(Tylenol), Aftershave, Antifreeze, Aspirin, Bleach, Boric Acid, Brake Fluid, Carburetor Cleaner, Chololate,Cleaning fluid, Deodorants, Deodorizers, Detergents, Disinfectants, Drain Cleaner, Dye, Fungicides, Furniture Polish, Gasoline, Hair Colorings, Herbicides, Ibuprofen(Advil), Insecticides, Kerosene, Laxatives, Lead, Lysol, Mineral Spirits, Mothballs, Mustard Seed, Developer, Rat Poison, Rubbing Alcohol, Shoe Polish, Sleeping Pills, Snail & Slug Bait, Soaps, Spic and Span, Suntan Lotion, Tar, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Turpentine, Windshield Washer Fluid, Wood Preservatives

Plants that are Poisionous to Pets

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How many of you know that some common plants in your Home that are poisonous to your Pets? Here is a few Plants for few; Amaryllis, Andromed, Apple Seeds, Arrow Grass, Avocado Seed, Azalea, Bittersweet, Boxwood, Buttercup, Caladium, Castor Bean, Cherry Pits, Chokecherry, Climbing Lily, Crown of Thorns, Daffodil Bulbs, Daphne, Delphinium, Dieffenbachia, Dumb Cane, Elephant Ear, English Ivy, Elderberry, Foxglove, Hemlock, Holly, Hyacinth Bulbs, Hydrangea, Iris Bulbs, Japanese Yew, Jasmine Berries, Jerusalem Cherry, Jimson Weed, Laburnum, Larkspur, Laurel, Locoweed, Marigold, Marijuana, Mistletoe Berries, Monkshood, Mushrooms, Narcissus Bulbs, Nightshade, Oleander, Peach, Philodendron, Poison Ivy, Poinsettias, Privet, Rhododendron, Rhubarb, Snow on the Mountain, Stinging Nettle, Toadstool, Tobacco, Tulip Bulbs, Walnut, Wisteria, Yew

Pet Care Facts on Cats- Catnip

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How many of you that own a cat know that Catnip is a central nervous stimulant? Did you know that kitten 6mnts or younger are not old enough for catnip. The reason for that is because they are not old enough to react to catnip. Catnip for older cats love to have catnip.

Pet Care Facts Exotics

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Exotic animals any species of animal that are not considered to be domesticated livestock or common pet do you know which are exotic? Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, ferrets, snakes, lizards, turtles and parrots