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Patches, Frisky, Flury and Dakotah



Snuggles 8 years old.
Thumper 8 years old.
Harley 6 years old.

Our Pets/Fur Babies
We've loved every minute of our journey with them
Their story

1975 Since I was the age of 4/5 I got my first cat Tammy. Tammy stayed with me for his entire life. As a young girl I wanted a cat the color of the moon, thinking the moon was orange, I got an orange cat named Tammy. When I started school I was walking distance, Tammy would follow me to a certain part of the school field, and always be waiting for me when school got out. Tammy continued this from kindergarten to the end of grade 11.Tammy loved to play peek-a-boo and play fight.

1976: A cross of Pekinese, Pomeranian, Chihuahua with Terrier named Buttons. He loved to travel with us anywhere including vacations in my moms van. He always slept with me, he loved to dance, and do a few tricks, especially for treats. It was their age that ended up separated us when they went to pet heaven.
1996: Frisky ,she was one fun calico. She loved to play, steal my cheese, and loved to play cat-mouse, apparently I was always the mouse. Frisky on special occasions (Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, etc.) always brought us a gift, either toy mice, pipe cleaners, an hair elastic, or even my daughters play wand. She passed away due to diabetes 11 years later.
1998: Flurry was my long-haired white/orange cat. Every night at about 3 am he would get me out of bed, run down the hall to the kitchen. He would peak around the fridge door as to say "Are you coming?" All he wanted was either milk or a piece of a cheese. He knew the cheese was in the drawer, and the milk was in the side door. He would pick with his paw which one he wanted. He passed away with kidney failure 15 years later.
2000: Patches is a seal point Siamese, cross Tabby. I got her in 2000 and she is a cat that likes to express herself vocally. She is not a fan of everybody. If my daughter and I go away for any period of time, I have been told that she goes up and down the halls meowing looking for us. She is now 17 years old, still tries to play, goes up and down the stairs sometimes fast sometimes not so much.
2005: Simba is my daughters cat. He came to us as a stray, he was found on someone door step in 2005 after the flood. When we first walked in they bonded instantly. Still to this day he sleeps either around her head, sucking her hair, or on her back. He is the type when he wants to love you, he will literally take his paw and push her head down to bury his head into her hair.  They have a special bond.
2008: Mom and I got Thumper and Snuggles which are Bichon Shih Tzu cross Pomeranian, from a friend of mine. Snuggles was moms and my daughters dog and loves to snuggle always curled up at her neck when she was a puppy. Thumper, she is mine, she is a sassy princess. She loves to be dressed up in coats or costumes.
2012: Harley, he is a Silk Terrier cross Pomeranian, we got him in 2012. He was a bit shy when we first brought him home from a breeder. We have reason to believe he was abused from another family before we got him. He was very scared of many things, but we worked threw it and he is great now. Considering he never barked at all for 3 months, now he does not keep quiet. He is very sweet and very protective of us all. He was the dad of Thumper's and Snuggles's puppies. Most of all, he cracks us up over cheese you cannot even open the cheese drawer without him running over to steal your cheese. He loves to cuddle, play tug-a-war, and go for runs.
2014: Honey was my moms cat. She is a short-haired calico and very mischievous. Honey is entertaining, curious, extremely playful, quite bossy and loveable. Most days she thinks she is a dog. Honey loves to curl up and lay on your chest or shoulder while watching tv or doing school work. She too can be very vocal.
2016: Kiggster (Kiggy) he is only 5 months old. We took him in from a farm. Kiggy is entertaining and  you can never go to the bathroom by yourself, if you're brushing your teeth or trying to wash your face he wants to jump up and give hugs or play with the water. He not afraid to get himself wet as he has jumped into the running shower multiple times.